path of development

Creation of Lampone doo

The journey of Lampone doo begins on March 7th , 1996 in the headquarters of football club “Slavija” in Novi Sad. Earliest business is based on the import of equipment and materials necessary for electro systems and the trade of wire and wire products.

Construction of business facility

In time, as business developed, there was a constant aspiration within the company to become a manufacturer with its’ own production line and in 1999 the business facility was built in Novi Sad and production line placed in Mali Iđoš. In that time period Lampone doo became a factory for production of wire and wire products, trader of low-carbon and high-carbon wires and products for electricity industry.

Purchase of factory „Agrotehna“

Purchase of factory „Agrotehna“ in Sremski Karlovci in 2003 brought about another change, where the factories merged and became the center of business. Production and offices were both located there.

Purchase of factory facility in Bački Petrovac

The biggest change happened with the purchase of factory building in the Industrial zone of Bački Petrovac, after 14 years of experience and growth, the factory then incorporated the production line of „Teleoptik“ from Zemun. This expanded our production of steel wire ropes, flexible shafts and special wires. Today, the factory property unites the business building with fully equipped and expanded offices, three production halls, five warehouses storing materials and finished products, as well as a restauraunt, showroom and parking lots.


primary activity

Low-carbon production line
High-carbon production line
Custom made items from wire

about us

Meeting our clients, providing them with a timely and quality product, has been our mission since the very beginning of our business.
In perspective, we advocate for the production and distribution of products that ensure our stable business power and prosperity in the long term and that contribute to inclusion in the circle of widely known, recognized, commercially successful, market-oriented and reputable organizations.
As a means of realizing the above mission and vision of our organization, we are served by the quality policy, as an integral part of our business policy, which is based on modern equipment, successful organization, creative, professional staff, committed to the interests of the organization, as an efficient quality management system - suitable for all-round satisfaction of business requirements our users.

quality policy

  1. Constant review of our quality management system and improvement of its effectiveness and efficiency for the continuous progress of our organization with awareness of the responsibility for the same from our top management.
  2. Recognizing and meeting the demands and expectations of our users.
  3. Creating and nurturing a partnership relationship with our clients in order to achieve common interests.
  4. Preservation and development of our position and recognizable business image on the market.
  5. Preservation of our reputation through business with full adherence to contractual and other accepted business obligations, as well as through the presence on the market of products of reliable and guaranteed quality.
  6. Doing business with consistent compliance with all applicable legal regulations, domestic and international standards, as well as modern protection of the working and living environment.
  7. Work on the introduction of a quality management system with the requirements of the JUS ISO 9001 standard.
  8. Continuous renewal of equipment and all other parts of the infrastructure, as well as constant improvement of working conditions and a healthy working atmosphere of the work organization.
  9. Permanently raising the quality of our employees' work with their ongoing education.
  10. Ensuring effective motivation and stimulation of our employees based on the achieved effects and success of work.