Custom made items from wire

Using wire bending technology we are able to create all kinds of shapes, frames, racks, finished or intermediate products or parts for further use.

Our finished products are made of welded or spot-welded bright drawn steel wire, pvc-coated for protection and aesthetic effect. We also make products out of zinc-coated wire which is already protected from corrosion and environmental effects by the layer of zinc and it has a typical silver sheen.

Per request, we can incorporate elements of steel sheets/plates, steel strips and pipes into the design of the product.

Wire bending is mainly done with wire thickness range from 2 mm to 5 mm, and for wire thickness above or below this range you can send us a special request.

For the production of custom made items you should present to us precise dimensions, tehchnical drawings, pictures or a sample of desired product.

Examples of our work: hanging hooks, retail and display hooks , wall frames and racks, tabletop and standing holders, grids, mesh boards, baskets, shelves, gabions, frames for decorative and flower arrangements, parts for lighting fixtures, furniture elements, many types of garden accessories, plant supports, pot holders and many more.

For requests and information contact us via: