Production of wires and wire products, wire mesh, fences, gates, metal ropes, cables, special wires, slings, flexible shafts, nails, welded nets.

About us

Lampone doo is a wire manufacturer and producer of wire products, based in Bački Petrovac, Serbia, with over 25 years of experience and succesful operating in local and international market.
We put our focus on production of high quality wire products and the effort to meet our clients needs and requirements.

25+ years of experience

Our products


Production and installation of fence systems

We manufacture and install various types of fence systems, according to the wishes and needs of the customer.

Production of dedicated wire products

With the help of modern wire bending technology, we are able to make wire products for a wide range of purposes.

Our programs

Low-carbon production line

Steel wire with low carbon content (up to 0.30%) intended for production of an array of fences, nails, welded and woven mesh and because of adaptive tensile strength is suitable for shaping into a large number of products.

High-carbon production line

Products from steel wire with high carbon content (over 0.60%) include steel ropes, steel cables, wire rope slings, wire springs and other products with high tensile strength of steel wire that is suitable for heavy load industries.

Decorative products line

With modern equipment and wire bending technology we are able to design and make wire products for wide use – display and storage products, furniture parts, decorative items for interior and garden spaces, industrial wire parts and other wire products on demand.

Tools and equipment sale

Our stores offer a wide array of hand tools, equipment and supplies for use in construction and professional craftwork, as well as hobby and home tools and accessories.