Life cycle of a plant Doo "Lampone" begins 07.03.1996. in the official premises of the football club "Slavia" in Novi Sad. Work start  on the import of equipment and materials necessary for the electrical system, tradeing wires and wire products.
Over time, as the business grew, the company achieves a constant pursuit of its own production and 1999. The office building was built at the Novosadski road, and manufacturing located in Mali Iđoš. During this period factory was producing wire and wire products, trading and low carbon wire and high carbon wire, trading for electric power.
When factory "Agrotehna" was buyed in Sremski Karlovci 2003th., there was a new change, where the unified factory. In the same place there was a production and administration building.
The final and most significant change, there has been buying factories in the industrial zone in Bački Petrovac 2008th, where consolidated 11 years of work and then be introduced into the production program and drive "Teleoptik" from Zemun, which is expanded activity for the production of flexible shaft and metal ropes.
Today, the factory is owned office building with furnished office space, two manufacturing plants, two warehouses for storing raw materials and finished products, restaurant.

The main activity of production program:

I   Low carbon program
II  High carbon program
III Trading materials necessary for the operation of the electric power industry


includes the following principles:

1. constant review of our quality management system and improving its efficiency and effectiveness for continuous improvement of our organization with the awareness of responsibility for the same by our top management
2. identify and meet the requirements and expectations of our customers
3. creating and nurturing partnerships with our clients to achieve common interests
4. preserving and developing our position and distinctive business image in the market
5. preserving our reputation by operating in full compliance with contractual and other obligations accepted business, as well as by participating in the market for a reliable and guaranteed quality
6. operations in conformity with the regulations of all applicable legislation, domestic and international standards, as well as contemporary work and the protection of the environment
7. Work on the introduction of quality management systems with the requirements of ISO 9001
8. continuous renewal of equipment and all other parts of the infrastructure, and continuous improvement of working conditions and a healthy working atmosphere labor organization
9. continuously improving the quality of our employees with their continuing education
10. provision of effective motivation and incentives of our employees on the basis of these effects and the success of work

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